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Bonsai trees and my activities

 What do you do to keep the birds from disturbing the soil in your pots?


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I am back to Pagosa Springs and I have gathered up my Bonsai.They were taken care of by three different ladies. The lavender star is a little worse than when I left but it did survive.All the rest are fine . My Bougainvillea had to be cut back as it liked the greenhouse where it stayed while I was in Canada.

The maple that I defoliated looks great

The regrowth of maple August 15th




My trip to the Bonsai collection sponsored by Wheyerhauser was fantastic.I saw at least 50 wonderfull finished trees.They were numbered to 200 and  not that many were on display.The curator was going into the office  and I asked if he had trees somewhere else and if I could see them. The assistant gave me a behind the scenes tour of the work area. That was the highlight of my trip.

One impressive tree

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Our trip tp a wonderfull Bonsai Garden

This juniper is finished for now.The wires have been removed and one has been put back to reposition a branch near the top of tree.The trimmings piled up were almost as much as was left on the tree so it must have been time to stop cutting.

Juniper Bonsai thinned and trimmed

This juniper has not had any attention for quite a while.The shape is more like little pom poms.I hope to thin it and define the shape of the branchesThe pot is a semi cascade pot but it has let this tree grow and become really healthy as it is a deeper pot.I also must remove the wires as the summer will spurt the growth and the branches will thicken causing scarring.

Overgrown Juniper on patio

Tomorrow night we are going to drop down to 28 degrees. The Bonsai will have to come inside.They have been in and out several times since we have been here.

I have a problem with the Bonsai when we go to Canada to house sit for a month. I had planned to bury them pot and all in my community garden plot but the cascade juniper and Lavendar Star cannot go in the ground.Hope one of the garden club members will Bonsai sit for me.The community garden is very nice. My plot will be watered for ten minutes every morning by a soaker hose .

Update .Several of my bonsai were buried in my garden pot and were nice and healthy when dug up.A few went into a greenhouse at geodesic dome greenhouse manufacture and they were also fine. One of the ladies in my class took three trees home and tended them. Gone for five weeks and all Bonsai survived!